The inspiration for the preparation of these two types of crystal came from the sigil magic techniques of artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956). Several sigils are drawn, using fusions of stylised letters. Creating sigils in this way begins the process of clearing negative and blocked energy and unleashing positive energies. The final sigil acts as a platform. The crystal to be programmed is placed upon it, while the process of invoking and channelling helpful energy continues.

Name Crystal

The sigils are prepared using the letters of the recipient’s name. Once programmed, the crystal has a clearing effect. It brings to the surface issues that need to be dealt with. Some users say the crystal also protects them from negative outside influences.

Spiritual Nourishment Crystal

The energy invoked for this crystal comes from the skies, so the finished crystal feels like a fusion of earth and sky. The effect is comforting, clearing and uplifting. This type of crystal is good for releasing energy blockages.

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